Jan. 31st, 2014

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Hey everyone! The lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] rahnieda_m has translated my D/C fic Diable en BoƮte into Russian! Pretty exciting, yes?

It can be found here. I know nothing of Russian, but if you understand it and enjoy reading it, then this is the link for you!

Happy trails!
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Okay, flist. I'm going to try this cool new thing tonight called "actually writing." Crazy, right?

So, comment here. For every comment I will write you 100-500 words. Anything goes. Existing 'verses, new ideas, anything. Any fandom I have written in is fair game. For the record those are, in no particular order:

Supernatural (FPF and RPF)
Hawaii Five-0
Teen Wolf
White Collar
Avengers & related characters (mostly MCU, but I have read some of Bendis' comics)
Cracked (Season 1 only, I have not been watching S2)
Burn Notice (though only the once)
Dresden Files (I am NOT caught up on all the books, so be nice about spoilers!)

If you happen to know of a show that I watch(ed) (or a book series that I read, for that matter), and you want to prompt me for that, feel free. I'll try to list a few shows I can think of off the top of my head (I watch a lot of TV, apparently):

Person of Interest
Covert Affairs
Lost Girl
The Pretender

Uh, that's all I can come up with right now. But yeah, improvise if you want. :)

:::ETA::: There have been a lot of requests for Fusion, but since all the prompts are pretty loose, what I will do is work on a separate instalment and post that instead.
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Title: You Can't Break Away--And You Never Want To
Summary: Firefly crossover/fusion-type thing. Dean accompanies his brother to visit Sam's old friend Inara, with whom he underwent his Companion training.
Characters: Dean, Sam, Inara, Mal, Kaylee.
Rating: PG-13
wordcount: 1,332
Warnings: Unrequited (so far) Dean/Sam. Implied Dean/Kaylee, if you tilt your head the right way.
Neurotic Author's Note #1: So [livejournal.com profile] kinkthattwinked gave me a prompt that sort of got away with me at my last post on the topic. Oops? I actually had this plot bunny living at the back of my head, and someday it will become a real story. For the moment, this is just me playing with the characters and seeing if I can do it. I've never written Firefly, after all.
Neurotic Author's Note #2: This is unbeta'd, just written in a hurry and tossed out there in order to see what happens.
Neurotic Author's Note #3: The title is actually a quote from the episode "Heart of Gold," from Firefly.

I still don't think this is a good idea, Sammy. )


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