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ratherastory ([personal profile] ratherastory) wrote2013-02-28 09:14 pm


Dear fandom friends,

1- Who is watching Cracked, so that I may share ALL my feels with you? Seriously, there are FEELS and no one at whom to flail. This is TERRIBLE.

2- If you are not watching Cracked, but are the type of person who enjoys thoughtful police procedurals and yearns for a show that actually deals with mental illness in a thoughtful, considerate and mostly non-triggering way, then what are you waiting for? This is the time to start!

The gist of the show is: Former SWAT cop Aiden Black gets teamed up with insightful but delightfully complex psychiatrist Daniella Ridley to form part of the Toronto police's new Psych Crimes and Crisis Unit. Backing them up are aspiring homicide Detective Liette and psychiatric nurse Leo Beckett, along with a strong supporting cast of much of Canada's "hey, it's that guy/girl from that show who's really good but I can't remember his/her name!" type of actors.

Together they fight crime! But with delicacy and an intelligent, compassionate approach to the subject matter!

*coaxes you all over to the new show*

3- If you are watching Cracked and know how much promise it shows, please to be pointing me to ALL THE FIC NAO, plskthx.

This show has the potential to be an absolute gem. It doesn't even have an AO3 tag yet, that I've been able to find. Hopefully this will change.

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