ratherastory: ([Rome] Ahem)
ratherastory ([personal profile] ratherastory) wrote2013-10-02 12:57 pm

Looking for a Clint/Coulson co-mod! :)

I'm still alive!

New job, new city, plus all the family stuff that's been happening have kept me hopping.

However, someone reminded me that Christmas is not as far away as I thought, and that means that I should be doing announcements and such for the Clint/Coulson Holiday Exchange soon.

Naturally, I panicked a little. ;)

The lovely and talented [redacted] had to bow out last year for personal reasons, and I sure as heck can't sail this ship alone. This year I'd like to open up the exchange to non-written fanworks as well. Also, last year people requested that there be an AO3-compatible component to the challenge, which I have NO IDEA how to do.

So here is the post in which I beg for a co-mod. Take a look, spread the word, or even come and volunteer! I could seriously use the help.


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