ratherastory: ([Futurama] Drama)
ratherastory ([personal profile] ratherastory) wrote2017-01-07 08:22 pm

Just in case...

Hi everyone!


I'm still alive. I hear LJ is getting turned over to Russia, and that means that there's a non-zero chance that my journal and everything contained therein could face deletion (because slash fiction) or whatever else.

So, anyway, I've had a back-up at Dreamwidth for a while, under the same name. If I disappear from LJ, you can always find me on DW, with the only thing missing being many of the lovely comments people have left for me over the years (alas).

Okay, that's it for my PSA. While I'm here, who-all is going to ConfabCon in May? I shall be there, and I want to make sure to see as many of you as humanly possible! Speak up if there's even the slightest chance that you'll be there!

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