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Wincon: 24 Hours Left!

Guys, Wincon is in trouble! They need a little under $1,700 before midnight, EST, on January 4th, or else they'll be shutting down for good!

The good news is that their indiegogo campaign is offering some seriously awesome perks! Go check it out!


Okay, I tried to link with an embedded file and it totally failed, so above is just the plain link so you can go contribute!


Heck, if anyone is up for it, I can treat this like a fandom auction thing, and offer fic if you're inclined to support the con. This is NOT officially associated with Wincon, not in the slightest, but as of my ETA they are even closer to their goal, so I'm happy to offer extra unofficial incentive. It would be a prompt of your choosing, and, uh, say, 100 words for every $1 you contribute. So $1 gets to a drabble, $5-$10 gets you a ficlet, etc. PM or email me if that's something you'd be interested in, and we can work out details.

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i put up a link in my journal, too, sweetie. :)
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Signal boosted! :) I really really really hope they make their goal...

Are you going to Wincon this year, if it does happen?