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ratherastory ([personal profile] ratherastory) wrote2011-09-10 09:07 pm

Better than a Master List, it's Delicious!

Hey everyone!

The lovely and talented and extraordinary [livejournal.com profile] harrigan took my very sad and empty Delicious and made of it a THING OF WONDER. I do not exaggerate!

Check it out: ratherastory_fic.

The stories are tagged thus:

-by size
-by time of posting
-by title
-by fandom
-by applicable season (and/or pre-series and post-series)
-by genre
-by character (for some of the more minor characters)
-by type of h/c and the character involved
-by keyword, for some fics that specifically need them (like amulet fix-its, etc.)
-by challenge

I will be going through the account again, because [livejournal.com profile] harrigan has been heroic enough already, and adding/modifying as the need arises.