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*tap tap* This thing on? aka ratherastory wrote a (small) thing.

*blows dust off LJ*

I maybe wrote a small thing. [livejournal.com profile] rainylemons told me about Killjoys, and so I'm sweeping the cobwebs off my keyboard and seeing if I can manage to write something that isn't pure crap.

Title: Killjoys in 100 words
Summary: One drabble for each episode in Season 1. I'm going to keep going with Season 2, just haven't started yet. I'm trying to see if I can capture the characters' voices before I venture into anything bigger.
Characters: Almost everyone? Dutch, Johnny, D'Avin, Lucy, Pree, Fancy Lee, Alvis, Turin, Hills
Wordcount: 1,000 (10 drabbles, 100 words each on the nose)
Rating: PG (minor swearing)
Spoilers: Through the end of the Season 1 finale
Warnings: Show warnings apply, nothing major I can think of
Neurotic Author's Note: I don't have one this time? Maybe this:

Episode 1: Dutch

The red box sits stolidly where Dutch placed it on the dresser in her room. It’s just a box, regardless of what Khlyen said. She’s had altogether too many people lecture her about duty. Turin calling her an oathbreaker was bad enough, but this ghostly reminder of vows made when she was too young to understand what giving your word meant is both galling and terrifying. That life is far behind her now. The box means nothing.

“Lucy, start up the incinerator, would you? I have shit to burn.”

But the next day, the box remains where she left it.


Episode 2: D'avin

“Do you trust me?”

D’avin regrets the words the moment they leave his lips. Dutch can’t possibly trust him. In her position, he wouldn’t. When they met, he was hiding on a slaver ship under an assumed name, trying to pay off a debt that wasn’t his. She’s heard him scream in his sleep, and watched him shoot his way out of trouble. Nothing about him says: “trust me.”

She gives him an easy out, and relief jolts through him like electricity. It’s easy to tell the truth now, even if they both know it won’t truly earn her trust.


Episode 3: Johnny

“I’m allowed to be conflicted for a day.” Johnny can hear the resentment in his voice.

Dutch tries to reassure him, and he takes it as the peace offering it is. She means well, means the world to him, and he doesn’t know how to begin explaining to her that he’s not jealous of D’avin being a Level Four. That’s not it. Dutch must know he likes working with her precisely because, even though she’s a Level Five, she never takes kill warrants.

Johnny may be a Level Three, but that’s because he’s deliberately never applied to go any higher.


Episode 4: Dutch

D’avin has learned all the girls’ names in the time it took Dutch to perform a sweep and assess the danger. Johnny doesn’t seem all that surprised, and it makes Dutch wonder why she finds it surprising. It never occurred to her to learn their names. They’re just a job, she tells herself, best to keep things strictly professional, but it’s more than that: they’re vessels, barely more than chattel, beneath her notice.

Try as she might to leave that life behind, she more often than not finds it staring back at her from the other side of the mirror.


Episode 5: Lucy

“Approaching vessel, identify yourself!”

Lucy is a systems computer. As such, she can’t be surprised, it’s not in her programming, but if she could be, she would be surprised now. She wasn’t expecting the derelict vessel to have many operational systems, let alone a working AI.

“I am Lucy, owned and operated by RAC team 25698-A, presently executing a claim-and-clear warrant aboard your vessel.”

“Vessel denomination not recognised. Intruders will be subject to interrogation. Unidentified vessel, surrender yourself for scanning.”

Lucy can’t be frightened, either, but she knows how to recognise danger. There’s only one option now:

“Initiating quarantine procedures.”


Episode 6: Fancy Lee

Lee comes from a culture that values sophistication, so much so that his own worldview was considered too simplistic. Being a Killjoy is the best and worst of both worlds. Even here, he’s an outsider.

Joe nicknamed him “Fancy” as a term of endearment. The others picked it up and added a derisive edge to it. It was Joe who picked him out of the, and showed him the life. It seems only fair that Lee should be the one to honour his mentor one last time, and do as Joe taught him from day one.

“The warrant is all.”


Episode 7: Pree

Johnny Jaqobis is the most open-hearted man Pree has ever known; it’s what he likes best about him. When they met, Pree learned more about Johnny than he ever knew about his first husband by the time they divorced. There’s something about Johnny that’s comforting—a sense that, if you let him, he’ll keep your heart safe, cradled in his hands.

No one questions Pree’s presence at Johnny’s bedside after the surgery, and he isn’t jealous when Johnny asks after his brother first. Instead, he takes his hand, and is rewarded with a smile that’s all love.

“Welcome back, gorgeous.”


Episode 8: Alvis

Alvis can feel Johnny’s eyes on him as he takes his place by the bedside of Hector Feraanz. They burn into him worse than the black rain did only a scant half hour ago, and he has to resist the impulse to shield himself.

He bends his head toward his charge. There’s no blessing required, here, though he’d be willing to give one if asked. Alvis has learned how to hold irreconcilable beliefs in his heart, though he can feel it breaking.

He thinks it might not be a coincidence that he’s found someone who is good at fixing things.


Episode 9: Turin

If asked, Turin would readily admit that what galls him the most about Dutch and her team is their blatant disregard for authority. The RAC has been around for longer than any of these kids was even alive, and Turin was a Killjoy when they were still shitting their pants. Killjoys serve the warrant, and they certainly don’t turn on their own like they have.

Even as he feels the knife slide between his ribs, Turin knows he’s going to make it, and swears with his last conscious thought that he’ll find the truth, even if it damns them all.


Episode 10: Hills

Hills never gave much credence to the saying that there comes a time in every man’s life when he has to decide what sort of man he wants to be. He was raised by fourth generation parents who told him, if he played by the rules, his grandchildren would have a better life than the meagre existence their family was eking out. When he was twelve, it felt unfair. When he had, it felt like hope.

Now, with his grandchildren on the verge of adulthood, he knows a cheat when he sees one. He doesn’t hesitate before sounding the alarm.


[identity profile] harrigan.livejournal.com 2016-07-31 12:29 am (UTC)(link)
Killjoys drabble FTWs!!!

You know what would be even better? Action-h/c Killjoys fanfic by one of my favorite writers! (Yes, I'm looking at you!)

[identity profile] ratherastory.livejournal.com 2016-07-31 12:35 am (UTC)(link)
Got a prompt? I can't make promises, but I am sort of poking at my keyboard these days...

[identity profile] pkwench.livejournal.com 2016-07-31 11:18 pm (UTC)(link)
You fangirl Killjoys too? I am currently head over heals for it. We need to make this a thing!

[identity profile] harrigan.livejournal.com 2016-08-02 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I am not finding any time for writing these days, but I would be happy to squeeze out some time for reading if the right fic came along! ;D


[identity profile] pkwench.livejournal.com 2016-07-31 11:14 pm (UTC)(link)
More errands than I thought today, but I did at least get time to sit down and come up with a couple of prompts. Perhaps something here will spark your interest. If it's okay, I may try one or two out for myself. You'll know instantly which one. LOL

- Johnny has a minor respiratory issue following the events in S1x08 “Come the Rain” that absolutely isn’t going to affect the next job he and Dutch take now that it’s just the two of them again. He also absolutely doesn’t feel like a shit brother for having told D’Avin off. Dutch is not fooled on either count. (To be clear, he doesn't regret choosing Dutch, but it's Johnny - you know he has feels.)

-Post “Meet the Parents” S2x05 Johnny tidies up D’Avin’s wounds per Dutch’s request for reasons of her “being a shitty surgeon” while D’Av ponders what sort of defect he has that prompts so many people to keep fucking with him.

-S1: Lucy pesters the Med Ship that picks up Johnny and Pawter after he’s been stabbed. When they’re too slow or not forthcoming enough, she slips into their ship’s system/takes over/hacks it to monitor Johnny’s condition with real time data.

-S2, any time after 2x01, Johnny isn’t fond of small spaces, D’Avin isn’t keen on big ones. Space? Very big. Space walk goes wrong, O2 diminishes, D’Avin absolutely keeps his shit together while he waits for Johnny to come up with plan to get him safely back inside. Dutch in his ear helps. Lucy not so much.

-So...Johnny and small spaces.

-Either season, Dutch is forced to navigate a failing freighter to save one or both of the boys, reminding her that she hates fighting and/or moving in zero g. Extra points for parts of the freighter being exposed to space and for Johnny keeping up a running commentary of sass and bullshit, despite or because of how desperate the situation is. There can be people to fight or it can just be Dutch working to outmaneuver space and the environment to get her boy/s to safety – dealer’s choice!

-S2: Assuming that a moon with water and an atmosphere would have a polar region…Team Awesome’s latest warrant is rumored to be hidden away in an abandoned Scarback monastery located in Leith’s polar region. Alvis is along for the ride, having been there before. Lots of snow, cold, ice formations, that abandoned place feel/description, the brothers Jaqobis maybe enjoying the novelty of “winter” again, and a touch of Johnny getting that stepping-out-of-himself look he sometimes gets with religion as they move through this abandoned holy place in search of their quarry. (Alvis perhaps not the only one to take note of Johnny’s interesting relationship with religious matters.) Can be descriptive, action-y, character study, case fic…whatever works for you.

-S2: There is no hell like Dutch-With-A-Broken-Leg-Hell. With Pawter otherwise engaged on Qresh, Johnny and D’Avin have GOT to find someone reputable (or even just someone slightly reputable) to fix Dutch’s leg before she drives them insane or does permanent damage to herself by hobbling around. Johnny has to keep reminding himself that Pawter’s inability to be there when they, when Dutch, needs a doctor is because she’s trying to help Old Town and Westerly, something he agrees with and a part of. But, it niggles at him and makes him feel like shit.

-Future Fic: having been given leave (or slipped his leash), Fancy Lee is lying in wait for D’Avin, ready for the rematch. However, he unexpectedly finds D’Av blind (fresh trauma, healing from old trauma, even waiting for cybernetic mods to come online if you prefer) and things do not go the way he expects them to. (Fight, don’t fight, pathetic D’Av or Awesome D’Av – whatever you like!)

-Preseries/current time frame: While visiting the monastery on Leith, Johnny and Alvis discuss mothers and Johnny’s history with religion.

-Really, anything with Al and/or Johnny and Al, gen probably. I think. Yeah.

-S2, Johnny drinks, Pree ponders aloud how starting a new relationship should make you feel good or at least better than Johnny looks currently

-Preseries: the con that had everyone convinced Pree was a vicious warlord and maybe ends up leading him to a little bar in Old Town

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[identity profile] ferrous-wheeler.livejournal.com 2016-08-01 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Am not much into killjoys, but great to see you writing again :)

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