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Why, LJ?

I missed the "random posting" day. Sorry.

Can anyone tell me how to put my friends "feed" back to the way I had it before LJ decided that imposing their new style on me was actually what I really wanted? I have googled and searched the FAQs, to no avail, and I really loathe the new look. I liked it the way I had it before, thanks!

And, yeah. It's been a rough patch over at Casa [livejournal.com profile] ratherastory. I'll try to write more, but no promises. I'm busy, stressed, exhausted and depressed (although I'm not technically supposed to acknowledge any of that in public, because apparently I totally have it easy and to say anything would be complaining without cause—heck, I'm sure even this parenthetical aside will get me into trouble), so I haven't been writing much. I'm trying to fix that, but it's slow going.

I'm considering dropping out of [livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen. I've got about half the story written, and I was on track for deadline, but then they started posting early, and it's stressing me the fuck out. To the point where, the moment they announced that they'd start posting early and that if authors didn't hurry up they wouldn't have anything to post after a while, my writing physically ground to a halt. It's like it flipped a switch in my head that started up a one-track record: "You'll never get it done now, so you may as well give up."So, yeah. I don't know what to do about that. I've never had to drop out of summergen before, and it sucks.

I have two other big fic challenges, luckily both due in August. I'm still cautiously optimistic about those.
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They explainded how to turn it back at [livejournal.com profile] lj_releases a while ago - Here is the post

Oi, sorry for the edits - HTML is not my friend today.
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I support doing whatever makes you feel less awful, including talking about whatever you want to and dropping out of summergen. Somebody will pick up the pinch-hit, and it'll work out fine. *hugs*

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I understand what you mean, about summergen. I don't think they meant to stress anyone out, but yeah. Good luck with your writing (not just summergen, but the rest too)!

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So sorry, dear. I hope it's OK to comment here when this is just a random drop-by that I saw because you tagged the Summergen comm. Feel free to ignore/delete if it feels invasive.

I'm so sorry the early posting stressed you out, it's quite the opposite of what I meant! New to modding and I don't know how people are going to react to things, so perhaps the post, which I meant as funny, was ill considered. And we thought we should try to start posting early, when we had enough fics, because we got such a late start this year because new mods had to step in or it wasn't going to happen.

I hope you'll ignore it and consider this instead: if you need to drop out it's OK, but if you can take your time and be done by the end of the grace period, July 22nd, without stress, we'll be so happy to have your fic. We've had people request extensions already, and as it stands we'll be posting through September at least, so there's time! Sorry to have stressed you out.

Just whatever you need. Also on a personal note, no one should ever get to tell you what makes you feel stressed or depressed. Most people probably don't freak out for a month when they have to go to the dentist, like I do, but no one gets to tell me I'm not allowed. You're allowed. :-) Sorry things are rough, hope they get better, and please don't let Summergen add to the stress. <3

[identity profile] quickreaver.livejournal.com 2014-07-10 09:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Personally, I marvel at how much you get done in your day! And there's no doubt, life's been a bit bumpy for you lately. IMHO, you have a perfect right to feel how you do.

Re. Summergen, that's a toughie. Don't let the early posting play mindgames with you! But I totally understand how it's one more stressful thing to handle. Sometimes I think we hold ourselves to such high standards, it thwarts us. We think we're letting our friends down, ourselves down, the whole shebang. I'm struggling with my Summergen too. I just can't seem to get my footing with it, but somehow, I'm managing to slowly get to a place where I'm okay with just getting it done, quality be damned. I have to trust that I'm not as shitty a writer as I think I am, and make something for my recipient that I think they'll dig well enough. Because you know what? It's probably not as bad as either of us think it is. I'm rambling. But in a nutshell, I feel your pain. I have faith in your skills, though. I do!

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Sending a hug because you should have one!

Please don't fall for the 'my problem is little so I shouldn't feel bad' falsehood! Your challenges don't need to be compared to be granted the right to affect you!

And I really, really hope you will accept september_coda's advice to ignore the early posting on summergen, because a SPN story from you would be such a wonderful treat!!!

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Here's a wolf with his mountie and their driver to give you a smile.


I just finished reading your Fusion 'verse again and loved the heck out of it. Sorry you're feeling blue. Hope it helps a little to know we're thinking of you.

[identity profile] madebyme-x.livejournal.com 2014-07-11 09:29 am (UTC)(link)
I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a tough time. Sometimes you just need to put yourself first, and if that means dropping out of summergen, then you should do it. That's not to say that everyone wouldn't love to read your fic, we would, but it just means that we all understand.

Take care, :)

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If one follows the "you shouldn't complain because you have it easy compared to X" logic, that means only one person on earth has the right to complain about anything. (And it's probably Sam Winchester and he won't complain anyway). So screw that. :-)