Sep. 17th, 2012

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Title: The Kids Are Still Alright
Summary: Garden 'verse. Written for the [ profile] hoodie_time curtain-fic mini challenge. Ben helps Dean out with a problem at school.
Characters: Dean, Ben Braeden
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2,015
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Warnings: None.
Neurotic Author's Note #1: It will surprise no one to learn that I have long-term plans for this 'verse. I have a timeline sort of mapped out in my head, for about 20 years' worth of the 'verse. Some of it is about Sam, but not this story.
Neurotic Author's Note #2: In case it's not clear, there's a similar age gap between Ben and Dean as there was between Dean and Sam before. So in this story Ben is nearly 17 and Dean has just turned 13.
Neurotic Author's Note #3: I've never written from Ben's POV before. It was kind of fun.

The Kids Are Still Alright )
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Title: Can You Hear Me (When I'm Calling Out to You)
Summary: In the days following the big battle with the Chiatauri Steve pays a visit to the Avengers tower which is still under construction. He intends to apologize to Tony for their earlier argument on the helicarrier. Instead, he discovers that Tony didn't come out of the battle as unscathed as he had at first let on…
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2,958
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: *hides under a rock in case Marvel tries to find her*
Neurotic Author's Note #1: So a couple of months ago the spectacular [ profile] dante_s_hell won a fic from me in a charity auction. She requested some Tony-centric h/c with Steve in the caregiver role, preferably in the aftermath of the climactic battle in the movie. So that's pretty much what this is. Thank you, my lovely, for waiting so patiently for me! I hope you like it. :)
Neurotic Author's Note #2: I owe a huge debt of gratitude to [ profile] peppervl, who must have worn down her fingertips to the very bone at her keyboard, holding my hand and commiserating and making me write and helping me with the premise of the story and working out kinks and figuring out the end (endings are HARD, yo!) and basically being a rock star. Without her, there would be no story. Thank you!
Neurotic Author's Note #3: This isn't nearly as intense h/c as my usual stuff. It's actually kind of fluffy. Mostly it allowed me to meander around in Steve's thoughts and poke at his brain for a while, and let him see Tony in a new light. I expect that if you tilt your head and squint, you can probably see this as pre-slash, but it's pretty much gen.
Neurotic Author's Note #4: The title is shamelessly cribbed from Great Big Sea lyrics.

Can You Hear Me (When I'm Calling Out to You) )


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