Feb. 12th, 2014


Feb. 12th, 2014 12:47 am
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Not dead.

I've been writing a bit. Nothing ready to post, but it's nice to get back into the habit of putting fingers to keyboard for something other than work and Twitter. I even managed to get some writing done while I was at home last week, which is a first. It wasn't much, but it was something, and I'll take it.

I even had a wee plot bunny for this season of SPN, which hasn't happened to me since Season 7. I am having trouble with the current canon, and even more of a problem with fandom's reactions to current canon. There is so. much. Sam-bashing. To the point where I, once again, have found myself scratching my head and wondering if people are watching the same show as me. Granted, the writing has been sub-par for a while, and I don't think the writers are hitting the emotional beats that they're aiming for. They've hit the target, but more like the outer rings than the bullseye. They're not even close to centre target, alas. So that probably accounts for some of it.

The point being, I have been keeping away from fandom, because my psychological make-up is such that I find this sort of thing profoundly upsetting. (I just want everyone to get along, okay?) I have been avoiding meta posts, even by authors I know are generally pretty balanced in their view, or at least take the time to explore what's going on (rather than pick a "side," whether it be pro-Dean or pro-Sam, and for the record I find Dean-bashing just as upsetting as Sam-bashing, because I'm a Sam!girl and it hurts my soul when people say mean things about Sam's brother). I am unwilling to take the risk that the comments in those posts will end up upsetting me due to their content.

This sort of thing negatively impacts my enjoyment of the show, in a significant way. I'm no longer as emotionally invested in the show as I was when I watched the first five seasons. After the main 5-year arc ended, my investment waned little by little, until now SPN is a show I love to watch, but it's not the show of my heart anymore. I haven't replaced it with another, mind you. I've just spread myself out a little, fandom-wise, and dabble a little in a few places. But I resent anything that makes me not want to watch SPN, and comments about how awful one of the boys is, or how 'shitty' an episode was, make me reluctant to watch, especially as I'm always at least a day or so behind, often more, due to work and life stuff.

Long story short, I have deliberately stopped any dialogue with fandom, in order to preserve my sanity and my enjoyment of the show, such as it is. That's where I'm at. But at least I'm writing again, and exploring other fandoms while I'm at it.

Note: This is NOT an invitation to discuss any kind of meta in the comments. I will delete any such comments with extreme prejudice and, if I must, lock down comments on the entry entirely. Don't make me do that, okay? Thanks.


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